Mixed Martial Arts, Fitness, Yoga & Rehab for the Entire Family.

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About Us




About TSA

Mixed martial arts (MMA) should be for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or occupation. We tap into your inner fighter and help you push yourself to achieve your goals. Maybe you’re fighting to lose weight, maybe you’re fighting to become street-safe by learning self-defence, or maybe you’re looking to compete in the fastest growing sport in the world! At Toronto Striking Academy, we tailor our programs to meet your specific needs. Fitness, self-defence, or competition—we’ve got you covered!

Come out, push yourself, and let us help you find your inner warrior!


At Toronto Striking Academy, our mission is simple: to cultivate the potential in all of our students through authentic martial arts training.

We have worked to create a fun, safe, and supportive environment where everyone can enjoy the benefits of martial arts:

  • Fitness and improved health
  • Enhanced discipline, confidence, and mental strength
  • Self-defence and self-preservation
  • Lifelong friendships


We have programs for complete beginners who’ve never exercised a day in their lives, programs for advanced competitors looking to perfect their game, and programs for everyone in between. Our classes promote the inclusion of all age groups and fitness levels. We nurture a comfortable, non-discriminatory environment where students can meet their individual fitness and wellness goals, while maximising their learning in all desired areas.



We believe in YOU . We founded Toronto Striking Academy as a way of sharing with the community our collective passions, expertise, and wealth of knowledge. At TSA, we change lives and achieve greatness through martial arts. Our objective is to help you unlock your inner potential and become the person you want to be. Mixed martial arts is what you make it—our job is to guide you every step of the way.