Neelan Hordatt

Neelan is Head Coach at Toronto Striking Academy.

He is a world champion, winning his last bout in 2014 via TKO and holding numerous titles and belts around the world. He is an elite professional fighter with a fight record of 23-0 in Muay Thai, 4-1 in mixed martial arts, and a 2011 gold medalist in wrestling. Neelan started his training at the Legendary “Sityodtong” Camp in Thailand when he was a young student living in Bangkok.

With more than 20 years of authentic international martial arts experience and over 10 years fighting as an elite international fighter, Neelan is a technical mastermind widely regarded as one of Canada’s best Muay Thai trainers. His style is a ferocious blend of beautiful kicks and elbows. His favorite techniques are the lead leg push kick, spinning back fist, and the back leg high roundhouse kick. As a fearless competitor, he is willing to fight anyone in the world in his weight class.

Neelan has trained with many of the world’s best fighters and can take you from your very first fight to a world title.

  • Neelan is certified in Muay Thai by the legendary Grand Master Kru Yodtong Sityodtong.
  • Neelan is certified as a BJJ Blue Belt by the legendary Master Renzo Gracie.
  • Neelan is certified in CPR & AED

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